The New Must Have for Windsor, Richmond and Surrounding Areas- Outdoor Rooms

Wednesday 16 Sep 2020

You dont have to look much further then the dreary eyed apartment dwellers of the world and Australia to know how hard lock down has been for those starved of outdoor areas.

From two-foot balconies to stark brick courtyards – the struggle became real as the pandemic marched on. Now, as people reassess their current lifestyle, a yearning for not just a backyard, but a whole other room outside seems more essential than indulgent as the in previous years.

Though in previous iterations, the outdoor room has been about cooking and entertainment, the possibilities and requirements for today are more diverse.

The challenges faced during lockdown weren’t around food and socializing, but about engaging in the daily activities of life, many of which used to happen elsewhere and can vary widely for each member of the household. Suddenly a grown-up version of a cubby house looks extremely attractive!

The outdoor rooms of the future may need to accommodate an array of uses and creativity in design will be key. Replacing windows with doors out onto private outdoor spaces with a deck or paving and with some well-placed trees could create a reading space, or a yoga and meditation space.

A fire pit in a well-located position in the garden breaks up the endless nights in front of the TV for those who choose and a few guys from the First National Connect team have already adopted this in there own yards of late.

Extending an existing porch or balcony, or even adding a new patio on top of a garage could create a space for work, or recreation.

The new normal requires that a few people’s different needs can all be accommodated at once – from workspace, to playroom, gaming den, to exercise studio.

A sheltered deck distanced somewhat from the house (attached to the side for example, or free standing at the back of the property) could provide a range of opportunities for activities that may need to be done at home, well into the future.

A range of simple ‘escape’ solutions could be built around a sturdy multipurpose table, with some good weather protection. Buyers of the future will yearn for more than the traditional layout of bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining spaces and creativity is the key!

'I have seen buyers choose the home with outdoor living areas over larger homes with out the outdoor areas' says Andrew Mansour Principal of First National Real Estate Connect.

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