Tenant Selection

We find YOU the Best Tenant NOT the First Tenant We believe great tenants are our most important asset.

We find YOU the Best Tenant NOT the First Tenant

We believe great tenants are our most important asset. Without A grade tenants who pay their rent on time and look after your property you don’t have an income and we don’t have a job! We want to select the best possible tenants in the marketplace for your property and then wow them with our service so we can retain them for as long as possible, providing you with great returns year after year.

Our detailed screening process aims to establish that Tenants can meet the responsibilities of the Tenancy Agreement. We apply maximum effort at this stage to ensure only the best possible applicants make it into our properties.

A prospective tenant must submit an application for pre-approval before they can inspect a property. Whilst not 100% foolproof, experience shows this is the best method to filter out the majority of unwanted tenants BEFORE they get into your property.

All applications are extensively checked, including:

-100 point name and address checks

Living arrangements- Present and past

All references including rental, employment and personal are checked

Tenants must reach an income criteria check to ensure capability of paying rent

Tenant selection is in accordance with Laws covering Discrimination and Residential Tenancies and Privacy.

We keep you informed of Applications, so you can take part in the selection process.

National Tenancy Database & Credit Report Checks

The National Tenancy Database provides Property Managers with a rental history on tenants. This is a necessary tool as it provides landlords with added security that every possible check has been conducted. Agents can place records of tenant that have abandoned, damaged or have rent outstanding as well as recommended tenants. All of this is an added advantage because some tenants provide misleading information on their application forms (eg: landlord and property references). By conducting this check it can help eliminate this risk.

Credit Reports and History provides agents with the details of any bankruptcy, judgement or court order against the applicant. This information provides the landlord with a better image of the tenant’s financial position.