Presentation and Promotion

Presenting Your Property Presentation is crucial to finding a quality tenant.

Presenting Your Property

Presentation is crucial to finding a quality tenant.

There is no doubt that well presented properties achieves top rents and usually attract the better quality tenants. That adds up to a higher investment return, together with fewer and shorter vacancy periods. Key areas which require attention are:

INTERIOR: If you are thinking about painting, only paint those areas that really need it otherwise it will be hard to find a place to finish. Use light, neutral colours as strong colours may not be to the tenant’s taste. If paint is generally in good condition, touch up the scuffs. Get rid of odours that you may not notice but prospective tenants will, such as pet smells. Carpets, blinds and curtains to be cleaned, neither of which are very expensive. Clean all windows, sliding glass doors and tracks.Open the curtains and blinds to let the sun and the view inside. Nobody likes a dark house, and the view will make the rooms feel bigger (when space may be an issue)

EXTERIOR: Clean the windows, paths, gutters and outside paintwork. These are all thinks seen from the street, and you don’t want prospective tenants to dismiss the property before getting in the front door. Repair or replace leaking taps, sticking doors, broken light fittings, loose door handles, rotten floorboards, leaky gutters and torn flyscreens.

GARDENS: Tend the gardens, mow the lawns and any rubbish. It is true that it is the tenant's responsibility to ensure the gardens are maintained, however, we are looking to assist you with maximising your rent income; set the standard.

Promoting Your Property

Successful leasing is a ‘numbers game’. The more applications we can generate for your property, the more choice you have when selecting a suitable tenant.

In these technology friendly times, the old saying “you cant rent a secret” has never been more true. Our modern and dynamic marketing strategies at First National Real Estate Connect will effectively promote and advertise your property to a wide and suitable audience.

Promotion should include the following as a minimum:

Internet websites

VIP Priority Email / SMS marketing

Signboard (an oldie but a goodie)

Professional Photography / Floorplan

TIP: Professional Photos = Easy Money For You!

Now with the majority of rental properties advertised over the internet, listings with a bad photo or with only an exterior shot are immediately passed over and ignored.

People have not even left their computer and they have excluded your property.

The property has not even made it on to the shopping list!

Amateur quality photographs cost owners money.

Pictures speak a thousand words

When pictures speak a thousand words you want them all to speak positively. Photography has never been so critical to effectively marketing your home.

Photos for life

Professional photos stay with your property for life and can be used year after year every time the property becomes vacant. This leads to more interest, and in turn reduced vacancy rates.