First National Connect Real Estate have qualified, reliable tradespeople who can attend to any maintenance work on your property and at the right price.

Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs arise when an essential service ceases to function. An essential service includes; water, sewerage, electricity, cooking stove and oven, hot water service, removal of grey water and any heating that came with the property.

General Repairs

General repairs are repairs that are required to fix relatively minor damage. That is, they are not as serious as urgent or emergency repairs. A tenant is required to inform their landlord/agent of the need for any repairs in writing. If the general repair / maintenance issue is reported, you will be advised accordingly and we would wait for your further instructions.

However, you are not required to repair problems that are the fault of the tenant or that existed before the beginning of the tenancy. We recommend to rectify any maintenance issues to protect your investment.